Donation paid to Wildlife Aid Foundation when you buy greeting cards

Help Rescue and Rehabilitate British Wildlife

When you buy from my range of greeting cards, I make a donation to wildlife charity, Wildlife Aid Foundation. Based near me, in Surrey, they respond to reports of sick, injured, or orphaned wild birds and animals, rescuing and caring for them with the aim of returning them to the wild for a second chance.

Wildlife Aid Foundation Logo
Tawny Owl being released by Wildlife Aid Foundation

Wildlife Aid Foundation was established in 1980 by environmental broadcaster and campaigner, Simon Cowell MBE, and WAF vets now deal with more than 20,000 wildlife emergencies, each year. The Foundation’s work was the focus of the popular TV series, ‘Wildlife SOS’ on Discovery Channel’s ‘Animal Planet’.

All wild animals that arrive at their hospital are treated and rehabilitated, completely free of charge, funded entirely by charitable donations. Sadly, many of their patients have suffered as a result of their encounters with humans; traffic accidents, disruption of nesting sites, entanglement, or attacks by pets. No matter what the cause or the species, WAF vets work tirelessly to save every life and go some way to redressing the balance between Man and nature.

As well as saving individual lives, Wildlife Aid Foundation actively campaigns to raise awareness around specific issues, such as the decline of our hedgehogs, and also helps educate schools, clubs and companies, nationwide, about the importance of preserving our natural heritage.

You can find out more about their work, or make an additional donation, by visiting their website here. So far, I have been able to donate a total of more than £200 from the sale of greeting cards, and hope to be able to send much more in the future.

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